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Friday, 28 April 2017

Here's another Cuba Poem from ident - this one featuring John Lennon. Hope that you like it...

Inside the Vedado

district is Parque John Lennon where a life
-size bronze of John sits on a bench leaning
nonchalantly back arm extended reaching
as if for a thought              I sat
down beside him for a photograph
Suddenly an aged man approached us speaking rapidly
in Spanish smiling and gesticulating in a friendly
His face, creased and interesting, was animate
with a smile as warm as the sun
He reached into a pocket and brought out John
Lennon’s glasses
Carefully fixed them in place on John’s face
smiled, and gestured expansively saying
with movement
now all is complete, please sit and I will
take a photograph of the two of you here
in this beautiful place, in the
park beside John.
When we were done he carefully retrieved
John Lennon’s glasses, put them safely away
                                                   and disappeared.

Friday, 31 March 2017

A Taster.

Thank you to all those who made the launch of ident a success.

For anyone who is considering buying a copy of ident - here is a taster. A poem I made when I was staying in Santiago de Cuba.


Difficult to capture
the hurry and careful
consideration the drivers
of these streets have
Even for strays

And how the strangenesses of place ease
after more than one Mojito

The Teapot Ladies become
familars in their near Victorian
waitress uniforms, out on patrol
pouring tots of a little something
strong, or even stronger
into small white paper cups for
those of us who stand here to watch
the dancers - who also danced
the day before - rehearsing the perfect
Carnival in the square

of Parc Cesperedes

Where the dominoes players are
yellow flowers and thin sails
of seed spiral like helicopters

landing about two girls who squat
beside a cardboard box they've opened up
to release two yellow chicks to the dust

where knarly-teased up tree roots are

                Knees hugged tight they wait to see
                whether the chicks will run away


ident is available to buy from The Onslaught Press website, from Amazon, and can be ordered from all good Bookshops. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Onslaught Press is delighted to invite you to the
launch of ident, a new poetry collection by
Alan John Stubbs
On 25th March 2017 between 11:00am and 13:00 pm.
in the Parquet Room at the Old Fire Station,
Peter Street, Carlisle, CA3 8QP



In this new collection of playfully disturbing and provocative poems Alan John Stubbs, an established master of risky, inventive poetics, turns his critical eye towards the notion of identity, skipping effortlessly between vivid childhood memories, bright, impressionistic flashbacks from his international travels, and laments for the sorry state of the contemporary United Kingdom.


Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Finally I am able to organise a launch for 'ident.'

The launch will be on Saturday 25th March at the Parquet Room in The Old Fire Station at Carlisle, from 11.00 until 13.00. There will be free wine and juice, a reading, and copies of ident available to purchase signed.

Hoping to see you there.


Thursday, 22 December 2016

What a Christmas present! What an end to 2016!

The new modern poetry collection ident is published on 22nd December 2016.

Here are some images of the new book.

I am very grateful to Mathew Staunton of The Onslaught Press for his great patience, and for the superb design and layout, and very very happy to have the poem(s) finally realised in this form.

If you want to purchase ident go here

 Or here

Or order it from your local bookshop.

And, if you haven't done so yet, please checkout my earlier release in 2016 the poetry collection The Lost Box of Eyes here

Hoping that you have a great Christmas and an excellent 2017.


Saturday, 17 December 2016

Breaking News.

The second poetry collection 'ident' is now available on pre-order at The Onslaught Press here Onslaught Press Shop

and on Amazon UK here Pre-Order ident here.  Hoping that you will read and enjoy it.

Read about ident here !

Eagerly awaiting the physical realisation of the idea of it, the book, the object, that the leaves have weight, bear thought and feeling...  

Here is a poem from the new book.


the stands soft roundness’s appear 
leaves quivered in the making 
of a separate locking 
down of light

the trees enduring
crowd in common flight 

about one tangled toppled form
taken as a fungi sprawl 

I would go to see
where the antlers of an aged bared crown
of wrinkled lime 

lichen in winter—missing

the way any body might miss 
the comradeship of trees

Very Best Wishes for Xmas and the New Year.

Friday, 2 December 2016

The new book 'ident' is proofed now and will very soon be published. 

I am very grateful to Mathew Staunton of The Onslaught Press for his patience and for the superb layout, graphics, and design of the book. I am very much looking forward to having the physical object.

The book is in three sections. The first and third sections are in the form of single poems, with the last poem being about entering the World, and the first poem is this:

as a child she burned

her hand picking up a stick of glowing
metal from a bonfire out amongst shells
not shells like those found on a beach with
a pale luminescence being grown for protection
by soft unboned creatures to save them
from the many predators of the deep, but
shells of bombed out buildings after the war
that started just before
she existed, and she carried the scar of it
said that she could smell her skin, her flesh
burning before she dropped the almost molten
poker, or whatever it was that had somehow got in
-side the flames, soaked up all that heat, and must
have seemed—glowing as it did from orange to red
then a brilliant white, to be alive itself, to be
hot with a life
it was emitting, and she’d caught it
within the innocent grasp at light she’d made
she showed the scar sometimes—a faded
location on the map of her skin—the way
the memory never did

thought says it burns now that light, that heat

I hope that you like this and that you will check out the book.